Fermata’s New Pricing


During these unprecedented times, as uncertainty is bound to continue growing, we at Cicayda are committed to focusing on our mantra and mission: Elevate. 

As more businesses and teams are working from home and consequently approaching new challenges, they must rise to the circumstances with new solutions in order to succeed. At Cicayda, we are doing our part to help provide businesses with the solutions our customers need to elevate. 

We are launching Fermata with a new and more cost efficient subscription model to best fit firms’ individual needs, while providing legal teams with an automated legal hold system that leverages their time. The reduced pricing Fermata offers helps lower operating costs of legal hold drastically, and allows for more flexibility than we have ever offered before. 

At an almost 80 percent price reduction, Fermata ranges from $99 to $499 per month, and includes automated reporting, customizable questionnaires, test emails and updated communication and tracking features all integrated seamlessly as a DIY platform with secure cloud storage.  


Fermata offers the protection and defensibility you require at the onset of litigation, and provides an affordable solution many firms need as they combat the challenges of working from home. 

The new Fermata SaaS model pricing and features are our way of seeking to honor our mission at Cicayda to elevate our clients, while evolving as a company. 

Find out more at https://cicayda.com/legal-hold/