Fermata’s NEW Format as a SaaS Model


With an increase in professionals working from home, Cicayda has recently formatted Fermata’s platform to better enable teams with the tools they need while away from the office. From importing information and enhancing communication to managing organizations and more, Fermata’s new format as a SaaS model provides firms with new, easy DIY and remote options to run legal hold processes with ease. 

What is a SaaS Product?

A SaaS model, or software-as-as-service, is hosted by a central provider and offered to clients through the internet. This means that users don’t need to install or download a copy of Fermata’s new format. Instead, they can easily access it from the web or on a mobile browser, creating accessibility anywhere.

Get Started With Fermata 

At Cicayda, we actively manage and update the Fermata software based on all of our user’s needs. Have questions about how to best utilize the platform? We also offer an integrated self-help section that provides answers to all Fermata concerns. 

The Fermata platform enables users to do the following remotely with ease:

  • Easily upload or import custodian information
    • Use a .CSV or Excel file to import names, emails and department information within minutes
  • Issue a Litigation Hold and automate communication
    • Track responses, completed questionnaires and updates in real-time
    • View and export defensible data in real-time with timestamps
    • Easily reach 100% confirmation rate with automatic reminders
  • Manage organizations
    • View which custodians are on-hold or released-from-hold with our automated tracking
    • Customizable dashboard allows you to instantly view the status of all holds
    • Create customized questionnaires for separate departments

To learn more about Fermata’s new platform offerings and special subscription pricing, please visit https://fermata.cicayda.com/register/.