Efficient document review is the cornerstone of eDiscovery success. Cicayda’s dedicated professionals work to meet your review specifications. Length of assignment, desired experience level, and degree of management support are all determined by the client – we implement, manage, and deliver.

MDR Services

Cicayda’s managed review excels at helping law firms and corporate legal departments meet their immediate project needs. Through professional project scoping and tailored pre-screening, we ensure that our clients receive best-in-class legal professionals each and every time. Cicayda provides on-demand legal professionals for any size or type of document review.

Clients are guaranteed prompt, customized, and professional service that exceeds expectations. Reviews can be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with minimal onboarding. Pricing is competitive, with the goal of providing the most cost-effective review with U.S.-based, licensed reviewers. Our reviewers are capable of using any review platform including, but not limited to, our very own Cicayda review. Make your move today to Cicayda’s managed review, and discover the Cicayda difference.

Licensed Experienced Attorneys

Experienced Project Management

Managed Document Review

Custom Review Protocols

Turnkey Secure Facility

Foreign Language Review Capabilities

On-site & Remote Review Teams

Project Design & Consulting

As legal professionals, we understand the complexities and significance of an effective discovery strategy.

We support some of the best firms and companies to do their best work.
Find out how iDiscovery® can help you do your best work. Leveraging our people, innovation, and technology alongside our clients helps them scale and improve efficiency for discovery, review, and production.