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why cicayda

why cicayda
A blue-eyed cicada is that one-in-a-million cicada, genetically unique, emerging from the swarm of millions of cicadas that swarm every 17 years in our Nashville community. They create an extremely loud yet harmonious sound, some might even say "music".

Our privately and securely hosted platform, coupled with our swarm of professional services, give intelligent lawyers the best and most economical chance of finding that one-in-a-million document in the torrential swarm and loud noise of eDiscovery and litigation.

At cicayda, we deliver well-orchestrated software and services via the Web to make the noise of eDiscovery sound like a well-played Mozart symphony.

welcome to cicayda country

Rock Bottom Brewery Rooftop
111 Broadway, Nashville, TN

Wednesday, August 20th 6-11 PM

Music City USA is the hometown of Cicayda. Experience southern hospitality at its finest during ILTA 2014 as our guest at "Cicayda Country". Please join us and maybe some of your favorite country music stars for "one of those nights" that Tim McGraw made famous. We will have complimentary drinks, dinner, and dancing on Rockbottom Brewery's Rooftop gazing at the Nashville Skyline (oops, that's Bob Dylan).

questions? please contact frankie@cicayda.com

our services, our products, our philosophy

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    eDiscovery software hosted privately, securely - faster, better, affordable, and always reliable - Keep Calm & #eDiscoverOn

  • staccato icon3

    staccato — true Early Case Assessment – know what's in the data, plus calculate risks & costs of eDiscovery reviews & litigation - you will like it so much you will win with it daily

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    drone — ESI analyzer - instantly know the who's, what's, when's, where's, and how's in an eDiscovery data production - disruptive technology, disruptively priced, drone is for "everylawyer"

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    fermata — the smart choice for litigation hold communication management - #gottaholdon

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    cicayda review — ultra fast + highly scalable = what you really need for eDiscovery review all the way through ESI production

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    cicayda is your smart, affordable choice - price transparency, price disruption, & project budgeting certainty, not to mention peace of mind = what we call #pricesanity

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    beyond predictive coding - cicayda's proprietary search finds known-knowns, known-unknowns, & even unknown-unknowns - #NoMoreBlackSwans #boom

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    value-added services — we give law firms & channel partners effective and creative legal marketing & social media >> contact our in-house legal marketing staff, digome.

visit us in Nashville, the best place to live in the USA — seriously, visit.

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The 2014 SoCal eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat will be held July 13-14 at the Montage Laguna Beach.

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Market disruption, in price and performance, is our governing philosophy, with all our deliverables embracing a consumer-friendly look, feel, and functionality.