Innovate, challenge, change. The innovations in our proprietary software challenge the status quo, changing the way legal professionals work. Our software is elegantly designed, simple to use, and workflow friendly. Our search is lightning fast. Our text analytics deliver the very best in natural language processing, latent semantics, and advanced boolean. Our artificial intelligence makes predictive coding obsolete.

Keenly different, we are committed to delivering happiness to law firms and corporate counsel. We strive to put legal professionals in a winning position. Our clients get control of the data, rather than finding themselves at the mercy of the computer, training certifications, or experts. Our trusted technology is architected for the Web, delivering immense scale, making it easy to navigate the largest of big data to find even the most obscure hot documents in a click. Quickly cull the stuff that doesn't matter, and instantly find the stuff that does.

With 180+ years of collective litigation experience, cicayda uniquely understands the compelling needs to keep your projects on time and on budget. cicayda’s software, litigation support services, and managed document review will help you find the winning documents. Win your case long before the battle is fought, or do proactive information governance that helps avoid litigation. Oh, and grab a little happiness.


cicayda vids


"cicayda is a top 100 Red Herring finalist. Since 1996, technology industry executives, investors, and strategists have valued the Red Herring 100 lists as an instrument for discovering and advocating the most promising private ventures from around the world."

- top 100 Red Herring finalist



the cicayda difference

Innovate, Challenge, Change. Our consulting services are so different, we often hear that they ROCK. Because we challenge the status quo with a different mindset, one bent on winning rather than billing hours, our clients welcome the changes brought by our consulting services. Our attorneys on staff, professional discovery managers, and tech mavens have handled thousands of eDiscovery matters, efficiently and successfully. We provide our clients with solid processes, tight budgets, and sterling results. Our focus is establishing the best value in the arduous discovery process.

Litigation processes and budgets are under pressure. We regularly find 20+% savings in how companies allow their data to be collected, processed, reviewed, and produced. Many companies incur unnecessary expense while holding on to legacy service and software relationships, simply because "that's the way it has been done." At cicayda, our clients get different, smarter, and more cost efficient choices in legal holds, data collection, data processing, document review, and productions. Freedom.

cicayda's eDiscovery consulting features our veteran professionals conducting an eDiscovery audit of your current practices, including productivity and workflow. We streamline document review protocols and process. We are adept at collaborating with your team to hone search terms, syntax, and strategies to minimize your exposure and maximize your discovery efforts. Our emphasis is to help you achieve your litigation goals, yes even winning your case, rather than shoe-horning you into an outmoded process, software, or workflow. At cicayda, you will clearly see the difference with eDiscovery consulting designed to deliver value, winning, and client happiness.


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